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Migros-shop.ch and LeShop.ch join their forces in the e-commerce

1 Media Information, 19th September 2003
2 Fact Sheet
3 Personal profile
4 The Story of LeShop.ch

1 • Migros-shop.ch and LeShop.ch join their forces in the e-commerce

Zurich/Chavannes-de-Bogis, 19th September 2003

Strategic e-grocery alliance between Migros and LeShop.ch

Migros and LeShop.ch join their forces to form a strategic alliance in the long term: the assortments of both on-line shops, www.migros-shop.ch and www.LeShop.ch, will be merged. From January 2004, 80 per cent of Swiss households will have access to a unique assortment.

For the very first time, consumers will be able to choose from the popular, advantageous Migros products and from well-known brands in the same on-line shop. The powerful alliance will strongly increase the efficiency of both on-line partners. With an estimated turnover of 25 to 30 million CHF in 2004, this strategic partnership will clearly have the lead in the Swiss e-grocery business.

For photographs and logos, Click here
Via the Internet addresses www.migros-shop.ch and www.LeShop.ch, the Migros-shop and LeShop customers will enter one and the same virtual store. From home or the office, they can do their weekly shopping at their convenience and choose from over 6'000 products (Migros articles and branded goods). The next evening, the groceries will be delivered directly to their door by ExpressPost after being prepared in the logistics center in Bremgarten (AG).

Urs Riedener, member of the board of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives and Head of Marketing, is pleased with the alliance: "We believe in the future of on-line grocery shopping. The cooperation between Migros and LeShop.ch creates favorable conditions for the success of this business segment." Christian D. Wanner, CEO of LeShop.ch, shares his enthusiasm: "Our cooperation is a premiere in Switzerland: never before has there been an assortment with both Migros products and branded goods in a single shop. Our customers will be able to shop as usual from our familiar assortment and benefit at the same time from the wide Migros product range."

For photographs and logos: Click here

To make full use of the synergies, the center in Schönbühl (AG) where the Migros on-line orders are prepared will be closed. All 31 employees will be transferred to the Cooperative Migros Aare. The new basis for both on-line partners will be the existing logistics center in Bremgarten (AG) already being operated by LeShop.ch. Until the start of the common activities at the end of January 2004, the on-line offer and services of Migros and LeShop.ch will be unchanged.

LeShop SA will stay independent as a wholly owned subsidiary of ShoppingNet Holding SA with its headquarters in Chavannes-de-Bogis. However, a future capital investment of Migros in the on-line shop could be an option.

Migros-shop.ch was launched in 1998 and realized a turnover of 6 mio. CHF in 2002.
LeShop.ch was founded in 1997 and realized a turnover of 13 mio. CHF in 2002.

Turnover Progres

Online Grocery Market in Europe in 2002

Unexploited theoretical Potential
in European markets vs. UK

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Medien-Konferenz Präsentation

(2,32 MB) Présentation de la conférence médias

2 • Fact Sheet


Cooperation from 2004

Url www.migros-shop.ch www.LeShop.ch www.migros-shop.ch
Turnover 2002: 6 Mio
2003: 7 Mio (estimate)
2002: 13 Mio
2003: 16 Mio (estimate)
2004: 25-30 Mio (estimate)
Regular active customers ~ 11'000 ~ 16'000 ~ 27'000
Product range Migros supermarket assortment: food, beauty & self-care, CDs/DVDs, toys, household articles, pet food, office supplies.
- 4000 products
Supermarket assortment incl. fresh produce, deli food, toys and DVDs, beauty & self-care. Branded goods.
- 5'000 products
Supermarket assortment incl. fresh produce, deli food, toys and DVDs, beauty & self-care. Migros articles and branded goods.
- 6'000 products
Delivery area Zurich/Berne/Basel/
Lausanne/ Geneva.
80% of Swiss households.
Area north of the Alps from St. Gall to Geneva. 80% of Swiss households. Area north of the Alps from St. Gall to Geneva. 80% of Swiss households.
Home delivery External delivery service
Mon-Fri: 4pm-5.30pm (city areas)
5.30pm-7pm (city areas)
5pm-8pm (agglom.)
Sat: 3pm-6pm
Delivery on the same day for orders before 10am.
Mon-Fri: 5.30pm-8pm
Sat: 7am-11am
Mon-Fri: 5.30pm-8pm
Sat: 7am-11am
Delivery fee Order< 200 CHF :
15 CHF
Order> 200 CHF :
12 CHF
Flat fee: 12 CHF Flat fee: 12 CHF
Logistics center 3'500 m2 in Schönbühl (BE) 5'500 m2 in Bremgarten (AG) 5'500 m2 in Bremgarten (AG)
Staff 31 55 ~60
Foundation 1998 1997 -
Shareholders Federation of Migros Cooperatives ShoppingNet Holding SA ShoppingNet Holding SA
Market share 2002 : ~24% 2002 : ~52% 2004 : ~75% (est.)
Average shopping basket 192 CHF (incl. delivery fee) 200 CHF (incl. delivery fee) 210 CHF(estimate)
(incl. delivery fee)
Headquarters Zürich Chavannes-de-Bogis (VD) Chavannes-de-Bogis (VD)
Packaging Groceries packed in reusable boxes and Migros paper bags, handed over to the customers in paper bags. Delivery boxes that ExpressPost takes away after delivery and cooling bags keeping products fresh up to the customers' door. Delivery boxes that ExpressPost takes away after delivery and cooling bags keeping products fresh up to the customers' door.
Purchasing behavior Big weekly shopping Big weekly shopping Big weekly shopping
Target group Working people in charge of a family Working people in charge of a family Working people in charge of a family

3 • Personal profile

Christian Wanner
Christian D. Wanner, CEO
Christian Wanner (1970) kicked off LeShop.ch in 1997 with Alain Nicod. He led the Marketing and Sales team prior to assuming overall responsibility for the Swiss operations. Christian Wanner created his first IS management consulting firm at the age of 19, during his studies. Before joining LeShop.ch, he worked with Procter & Gamble in Geneva where he gained experience in finance, advertising and brand management of consumer goods in the Health & Beauty Care Division.

Christian Wanner holds a degree in Macro Economics from the HEC Lausanne. After spending 18 years in Latin America, he is fluent in French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Dominique Locher
Dominique Locher, Director Store and Client Communication
Dominique Locher (1969) is in charge of product assortment, promotional activities and pricing at LeShop.ch. He manages the coordination with our suppliers. Together with his team of five, he is responsible for driving customer satisfaction with a broad and customer relevant product assortment. At first, he held a double function including the responsibility for logistics. In this capacity, he managed the construction of the LeShop.ch Logistics Centre in Bremgarten.

Before joining LeShop.ch in August 2000, Dominique Locher worked as a Group Brand Manager for Nestlé in Sri Lanka for brands like Nescafe, Milo, Perrier and Vittel and as National Key Account Manager in Switzerland for important clients such as Coop, Spar, etc.

Dominique Locher holds a master degree in Business Administration (lic. oec. HSG) from the University of St. Gall. He is fluent in German, French, English, Italian and has elementary knowledge of Spanish.

Philippe Crevoisier
Philippe Crevoisier, Chief Financial Officer
Philippe Crevoisier (1970) is responsible for the planification, financing, controlling and preparation of financial statements. This comprises proactive actions related to internal processes in order to optimise costs and reduce the need for liquid assets.

Philippe Crevoisier profits from large experience gained in operational management and through consulting activities. His main fields of action deal with change processes, problems linked to economic growth and profitability. He has worked with start-up companies and multinational enterprises, in technological oriented industries as well as with consumer goods.

Philippe Crevoisier obtained the Bachelor of Economic Science from the University of Neuchâtel.

Member of the Board and Spokesperson of ShoppingNet Holding SA
Jacques Delafontaine, born in 1939 in Vevey/Switzerland, is Member of the Board and Spokesperson of ShoppingNet Holding SA. After studies of economics at HEC Lausanne/Switzerland, he started his career with Procter & Gamble in Geneva, prior to establishing himself as an independent Financial Consultant and Administrator. He was Member of the Board of Fotolabo until this company was sold successfully to Valora SA (Berne/Switzerland) in 1999. Thus, he had an active role in the development of the European leader of mail order image processing (2001 turnover: CHF 245 m).

4 • The Story of LeShop.ch
Octobre 1997 A group of young entrepreneurs (Alain Nicod, Jesus Martin Garcia, Remi Walbaum, Martin Velasco and Christian Wanner) set up a new online company: LeShop.ch.
2nd April 1998 LeShop.ch is online - it's the first Swiss online supermarket, which offers more than 1'500 basic dry grocery products. Thanks to the help of its partner The Post, orders are delivered in the entire country.
A few weeks later, Migros-online follows with a delivery service.
1999 LeShop.ch now offers fresh products: fruits & vegetables, dairy and meat complete the initial offer through the introduction of a cool chain.
17th of August 1999 The Bon appétit Group (BAG) decides to take 33,3 percent of the innovative firm's active capital stock.
14th of June 2000 Morgan Grenfell joins the other shareholders by investing an amount of 12,5 millions Swiss francs. This money gives LeShop.ch the opportunity to open subsidiaries in Germany and in Argentina (LeShop.de, LeShop.com.ar).
1 novembre 2000 Christian Wanner takes over the management of LeShop.ch Switzerland succeeding Alain Nicod who is now in charge of LeShop.ch International.
2000 - 2001

LeShop.ch sells one license of its technology to Auchan, one of the main French retailing groups (www.Auchandirect.fr in France and www.Auchan.es in Spain).

12th of March 2001 The Bon appétit Group becomes the main shareholder with 54 per cent of stocks, in March 01, the monthly turnover goes for the first time beyond one million Swiss francs.
Alain Nicod leaves the operative business of LeShop international.
22nd of August 2001 With the help of Bon appétit Group, LeShop.ch transfers its logistics from Yellowworld to its own center in Bremgarten (Argovie); it's the first logistic center entirely dedicated to online shopping in Switzerland.
7th of November 2001 LeShop.ch works exclusively with Swiss Expresspost, which means that deliveries are faster and products fresher.
11th of April 2002 LeShop.ch introduces 500 products of the baby/care/health lines, following a cooperation agreement with Galexis (cross-docking model with delivery just-in-time).
August - October 2002 LeShop.ch completes its assortment with products for children (toys, dolls, etc.) and a line of products for families (big pack sizes), a budget line and office articles for home; the average value per order rises henceforth beyond 175 Swiss francs.
October 2002 The Bon appétit Group takes over all the stocks and becomes the unique shareholder of LeShop SA. Alain Nicod resigns from his function as Head of the Board of Shareholders.
10 décembre 2002 Le Groupe Bon appétit annonce son intention de fermer LeShop.ch fin décembre 2002. Introduction d'un délai légal de consultation dans l'éventualité d'une reprise avant la fermeture définitive. La direction de LeShop SA recherche de nouveaux partenaires pour assurer la continuation du magasin en ligne à partir du 1er janvier 2003.
10th to 30th of December 2002 Customers save LeShop.ch. Clients and suppliers react to the announcement of the possible closure of LeShop SA and claim their support to the firm. The turnover reaches a record height and the average value per order soars largely beyond 200 Swiss francs.
30th of December 2002 The management of LeShop.ch finds interested investors and announces the signature of a letter of intent (LOI) with a third actor; the Bon appétit Group extends its financing of LeShop.ch's operation by one month until the 31st of January 2003 to let possible negotiations of take over to finalize. The activities of the online shop continue.
3rd of January 2003 The entire LeShop team maintains its full services and the respect of the delivery delays for its clients, thanks to the flexibility and the support of its partners and suppliers.
24th of January 2003 Signature of take-over contract between Bon appétit Group and ShoppingNet Holding SA.
27th of January 2003 Official announcement of the take-over contract by ShoppingNet Holding SA.
1st February 2003 LeShop.ch continues to deliver its products to its clients without interruption since 1998, with a continuous extension of its product ranges.
19th September 2003 Official announcement of the strategic alliance with Migros.
For any further information, please contact:
Leshop.ch :

Christian Wanner, CEO,
tel. +41 (0) 79 4134492, christian.wanner@leshop.ch
Dominique Locher, Director Store and Client Communication,
tel. +41 (0) 76 5646863, dominique.locher@leshop.ch