Key figures

Company established

October 1997
LeShop.ch was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs:
Alain Nicod, Jesús Martin Garcia, Rémi Walbaum and Christian Wanner

Online launch

April 1998


Ecublens (VD), Switzerland

Logistics centers

Bremgarten (AG) and Ecublens (VD)

Distribution partner

From the warehouse to the distribution centers of the Swiss Post: refrigerated transport by the company von Bergen delivery to the customers’ door by the Swiss Post.


Federation of Migros Cooperatives


Avril 1998 : 7 collaborateurs
Avril 2000 : 25 collaborateurs
Avril 2001 : 40 collaborateurs
Avril 2002 : 60 collaborateurs
Décembre 2002 : 69 collaborateurs
Février 2005 : 74 collaborateurs
Octobre 2006 : 134 collaborateurs
Octobre 2007 : 167 collaborateurs
Décembre 2009 : 207 collaborateurs
Juillet 2011 : 220 collaborateurs
Décembre 2011 : 200 collaborateurs
Avril 2013 : 243 collaborateurs
Janvier 2014 : 257 collaborateurs
Janvier 2015 : 292 collaborateurs
Janvier 2016 : 308 collaborateurs
Janvier 2017 : 311 collaborateurs
Janvier 2018 : 330 collaborateurs


1999 : CHF 4 millions
2000 : CHF 6 millions
2001 : CHF 11,5 millions
2002 : CHF 12.8 millions
2003 : CHF 15.2 millions
2004 : CHF 32.6 millions
2005 : CHF 47.1 millions
2006 : CHF 64.5 millions
2007 : CHF 92.3 millions
2008 : CHF 112 millions
2009 : CHF 132 millions
2010 : CHF 151.1 millions
2011 : CHF 150 millions
2012 : CHF 150 millions
2013 : CHF 158.1 millions
2014 : CHF 165 millions
2015 : CHF 176 millions
2016 : CHF 182,1 millions
2017 : CHF 181 millions

Part of turnover achieved via iPhone/iPad and Android smartphones


Market share

Estimate 59%

Client base

55’000 (regular customers)

Core target group

Young families, working mothers

Customer retention

91% of purchases are made by repeat customers

Purchasing behaviour

Mainly planned weekly shopping

Average shopping basket/year

2000 : 142 francs
2001 : 158 francs
2002 : 165 francs
2003 : 193 francs
2004 : 204 francs
2005 : 214 francs
2006 : 213 francs
2007 : 213 francs
2008 : 224 francs
2009 : 228 francs
2010 : 235 francs
2011 : 235 francs
2012 : 244 francs
2013 : 248 francs
2014 : LeShop.ch ne communique plus cette information.

Percentage of customers ordering fresh products


Top 20 of sold products

Max Havelaar bananas, butter, cucumbers, organic Swiss eggs, milk drink, recycled toilet paper, carrots, endives, sugar, zucchini, semi-skimmed cream, apples, kitchen towels, dishwasher salt, white raisins, cherry tomatoes, chicken fillets, tinned tomatoes, mocha yoghurt, organic milk

Number of orders/day

Average of 3’000 per day, mostly on Mondays and Fridays


Supermarket and special shops with around 13’500 products. Supermarket: fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, dairy products, bread and meat. Migros products and branded items: food and frozen foods, beverages, household and baby goods, body care, organic and fair trade items, international food, exclusive gourmet products and delicatessen, wellness products, home entertainment, perfumery, toys, smokers’ requisites, wines, beers (among others Denner wines and beers) and spirits. Special shops: Do it + Garden, M-Electronics and pet shop.

Delivery area

100% of Swiss households, due to our partnership with PostLogistics. The Volvo In-car Delivery service will be expanded progressively.

Delivery fee


0.- with the delivery pass, 7.90, 13.90 or 15.90 francs per order delivered into the trunk of the Volvo, depending on the purchase value.


Retrait gratuit.
Les frais de livraison pour les surgelés dépendent du taux de remplissage de la caisse isotherme. Ils coûtent Fr. 8.- pour une caisse remplie de 1 à 49% et sont offerts à partir de 50% de remplissage.


0.- avec l’abonnement de livraison, 7.90, 13.90 ou 15.90 francs par commande livrée dans le coffre de votre Volvo, en fonction de la valeur des achats.



Special shipping boxes taken back by PostLogistics along with the packaging material. Uninterrupted cold chain: the fresh produce are transported in insulated bags, the frozen foods in specially developed cool boxes containing dry ice.


Delivery boxes that the employee takes back along with packaging material.
Continuous cold chain: fresh products are transported in cooling bags, frozen foods in cool boxes with dry ice.
The purchases are handed to the customer in LeShop.ch paper bags. The customer can order frozen bags at the end of his order.


The groceries are put in the trunk of the Volvo in Leshop.ch paper bags.
Uninterrupted cold chain: the fresh produce are transported and put in the trunk in insulated bags.

Delivery / collection times


Daily deliveries from Monday through Friday between 5pm and 8pm for orders placed the previous day before midnight. Delivery on Saturday morning for orders placed on Friday before 1.30pm. In Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne, 5 delivery slots available between 4.30pm and 9pm. Deliveries from Tuesday through Friday between 8am and 5pm for orders placed two days before, before midnight. In 40 cities, delivery slots available between 9-12am, 12-2pm, 2-5pm.


Collection of the goods at the earliest 2 hours after placing the order; pick-up hours Mon-Thu 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-9pm and Sat 8am-5pm.


Daily deliveries from Monday through Friday between 9am and 9pm for orders placed the previous day before midnight. Delivery slots of 1.30 hours can be chosen. No deliveries on Saturday; the service will be progressively available in more regions.

Complaint Resolution

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


Best e-commerce website, European Biarritz Festival
Best e-commerce website, Swiss Multimedia Award

Strategis Strategy Award, Bilan/HEC Lausanne

September 2001
Best e-supermarket website in Switzerland, test made by Sonntagszeitung.ch

December 2001
Best e-supermarket website in Switzerland, test made by Beobachter.ch

February 2005
Best grocery shopping website in Switzerland according to the digital magazine “anthrazit”

September 2005
Most convenient grocery shopping website in Switzerland according to the digital magazine “anthrazit”

March 2007
“Best sustainable development partnership” award (together with Estia SA), International Logistics Solutions Show in Paris

September 2008
One of the 10 best e-shops of the eating/drinking category according to the digital magazine “anthrazit”

April 2009
Best of Swiss Web prize

December 2012
The LeShop.ch apps for iPhone and iPad are selected for the “App Store BEST OF 2012” category in Switzerland

March 2013
Bronze at „Best of Swiss Web Award“ for the project „LeShop.ch goes Mobile“ with the 3 apps for iPhone, iPad und Android

September 2013
Bronze medal for our iPad app at “Best of Swiss Apps 2013”

May 2014
The LeShop.ch iPad app comes in the 2nd place at the “Swiss E-Commerce Award 2014” in the category Mobile & Couch-Commerce

June 2015
LeShop.ch comes in the 3rd place at the “Swiss E-Commerce Award” 2015 in the category “Multi-Channel & Logistics”

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